New packaging


We are pleased to announce that, as part of the continuous expansion of our product portfolio, we have installed a new continuous strip production line to feed injection presses and extruders.

This new system means we can now also supply:

  • Continuous strips for presses and extruders
  • Stearate-free products, thanks to the use of an anti-adhesive that prevents the accumulation of dirt and deposits on the moulds
  • New packaging, carefully designed to simplify feed operations, both in containers and in “blocks” on disposable pallets, to avoid the transport costs for returns.

This new type of packaging will not involve a price increase compared to the current products delivered as continuous strips.

Please also remember that with this extruder line we can provide a continuous extruded filtered rubber strip with different mesh filtration, depending on specific needs, so as to obtain a moulded or extruded product without any type of impurities (e.g.: filtered compounds for profiles, membranes, gas membranes, expansion vessels and technical items in general).