Cr Base – Technical articles

These compounds are available in many different packages. The most used varieties are the pre-cut plate and the continuous rubber plate (powder or liquid batchoff antiadhesive material) for the fifth group: Neoprene-based compounds for technical articles – They usually have good mechanich properties and good resistance to otor oils and hydraulic oils – Range of use (temp): from -35°C to 100°C – Excellent resistance to ozone.

This family of compounds is available in many different packages according to customers’ requirements, production processes and machinery used for their manufacturing.

The most used varieties are the continuous rubber plate, the pre-cut plate for orbitread, the calendered sheet, the extruded compound for compression moulding. The compounds designed for the automotive sector are used on injection presses, the required packaging is therefore the pre-cut plate or the continuous rubber plate (powder or liquid batchoff antiadhesive).

Cod.Main UseDensity (Mg/m³)Hardness (Shore A)Cr (Mpa)Ar (%)Ca3 (Mpa)Tear resis. (Kn/m)Rebound (%)Abrasion (mm³)Shelf Life*
Neo 50Manufacturing of protective caps and bellows against oil and grease (max 100°C) - Very good resistance to labour - standard use: steering gaiters and homocinetic joints where a very high resistance to ozone is required. 1,2955510350838451 month
CrCompounds for construction - bridge bearings. 1,3862 18,8525 8,265401 month

*Shelf life from the manufacturing date, under recommended storage conditions.