Nbr/nbr pvc Base – Technical articles

These compounds are available in many different packages. The most used varieties are the pre-cut plate and the continuous rubber plate (powder or liquid batchoff antiadhesive material) for the fourth group: NBR /NBR-PVC based compounds designed for the production of technical articles. Their mechanic properties are usually good but lower in comparison to SBR / NR / BR compounds; they show an excellent resistance to petrol-derived fluids (related to the acrylonitrile level between 18% and 50%). Range of use (temp): from -35°C to 120°C / resistant to: alcohol, water, silicone oils, motor oils, hydraulic oils – ozone resistant only if treated with specific protective agents (max 20%).

Cod.Main UseDensity (Mg/m³)Hardness (Shore A)Cr (Mpa)Ar (%)Ca3 (Mpa)Tear resis. (Kn/m)Rebound (%)Abrasion (mm³)Shelf Life*
nvc 12570 / 75 / 80Compound for the manufacturing of vacuum-working sleeve bushing for motor oils conduction and vapour flowing (mass flow sensor of the turbine: Blow-Bytype) 1,24572 - 80 11,5fino a 375 da 9,5 a 1050271 month

*Shelf life from the manufacturing date, under recommended storage conditions.