Extrusion and calendering area

In this sector we have three production lines.


The firs one is mainly used to produce camelbacks for the hot retreading of vehicle and 4WD tyres. This line is made up of a 8” cold-supplied extruder, type “PIN LOAD”.


There are then two other 8” and 10” hot-supplied extruders connected with a 75 lit. banbury mixer “BT5-MACCHINE MODERNE”, and a series of 3 open mills: these are designed to produce camelbacks for the hot retreading of giant tyres, earthmovers tyres, quarry trucks tyres, industrial Non-Pneumatic tyres, endless stripes and any kind of extruded compounds for technical articles.


Last but not least you will find here a series of machines for the production of calendered material: a set of open mills to plasticize and heat the compound, a thermostatic “COMERIO ERCOLE” calender with 3 rollers of 1200mm which can form 1100mm wide calendered sheets with a variable thickness between 6/10 of a mm and 80/10 of a mm (according to the type of compound); these sheets are coupled with a polytene sheet and then rolled up on a cardboard beam.


The calendered rolls can then be cut in different sizes, accordind to the customer’s request, from a minimum width of 70mm to a maximum width of 1100 mm.