Rubber compounds area

This is the core of the company: here we manufacture raw materials as polymers, carbon black, plasticizing agents and activators to form a masterbatch, that will be later mixed by adding accelerating substances in order to finalize it.


Some particular production processes for technical articles can be performed in just one working step.

For the mixing phase we use three Banbury machines, two of which can produce master and final compounds without distinction, while the third one has lower capacity and is therefore designed for the finalization process only.


The main mixing line is made up of a Pomini Farrel Banbury machine with a capacity of 270 lt., coupled with a 14” Slabber Extruder able to extrude a continuous rubber plate (dimensions 700mm x 10mm) made up of more layers. This is packed directly on wooden, plastic and iron pallets of different sizes, according to the customer’s needs.


The other line of this sector is made up of a Pomini Banbury P240, with a capacity of about 240 lit., coupled with two open mills: a “Meccaniche Moderne” and a “Comerio Ercole”, both of 2100 x 660 mm, equipped with blender stock feeder, with a cutting system which enables us to produce a great number of different possible packages for the various compounds: continuous rubber plates, pre-cut plates and endless stripes.