Quality policy

EURORUBBER INDUSTRIES S.r.l. is devoted to ensure that products and services meet the requirements of its customers for quality, reliability and safety in any market sector.


The Company Director assigns the Chief Executive Officer the task of developing this policy through the best possible initiatives according to him. The CEO shall therefore fix the annual target in terms of numbers and facts, in compliance with all other targets set by the Company.


In order to reach these targets, the Department Manager shall -either personally or by proxy for the person in charge of the Quality Management System- represent the top management in establishing, applying and maintaining the quality system of the Company.


He is therefore committed to:

    • establish and maintain good relationships with Suppliers, Customers and Accreditation Bodies, conforming to the UNI ISO 9001; conditions for a certified company;
    • oversee all operations connected with the System functioning;
    • oversee the audit in every company sector under QMS;
    • ensure, through annual re-examination of documents and data, that the information regarding the System performances can be used as a base for further improvement in the perspective of the total customer’s satisfaction.


The whole staff is expected to work in accordance with rules, procedures and specific requirements established by the system.