Everything Eurorubber can do for you

Ad hoc developments

Design custom compounds

Often, specific situations require particular solutions. Through co-design and co-design we immerse ourselves in our clients' companies to solve problems with a method that includes people, processes, tools and technology. We develop projects in a cross-functional way, analyzing the business, listening to each sector involved, stimulating the use of different skills. We work with people and for people: a mix of creative and scientific thinking that facilitates the creation of new ideas.


Produce standard compounds

Eurorubber specializes in the production of compounds: it has been our core business since we were born. This has allowed us to develop and test a large number of formulations that can be used in different industrial sectors. By relying on us, you will have more time to dedicate yourself to your customers and your core business to create greater added value.

Increase efficiency

Reduce your current compounds costs

Countering the competition and increasing the company's operating margin is a necessity when operating in highly competitive market segments. To reduce the cost of products, we start with a technical benchmarking to align the target price with the characteristics of the product. This is followed by the choice of raw materials which must be carried out with extreme care in order to guarantee the best possible response to your needs. To this end, a network of reliable and certified suppliers allows us to choose the most suitable materials for the purpose to be achieved. Finally, we can count on the production capacity of our plants which, thanks to their size, guarantee us further process economies.

Assistance up to the finished product

Industrialize new compounds on your production lines

Often designing a good compound is not everything. The same compound, used to produce the same article, can behave differently in the molding phase. Our technical staff is available to assist you directly on your production lines to solve all problems related to industrialization, processability, optimization and fine tuning.

Technical analysis

Lab test

Our laboratories are the real beating heart of the company. This is where, through testing and experimentation, we design your compounds. In our offer we also make this service available to you, which makes use of advanced equipment for rubber analysis.

View an overview of our main test methods and devices

Updating and specialization

Training and development of your staff

We organize training or refresher courses in skills related to rubber technology to support you in hiring a new employee, changing the role of a member of staff or reorganizing a work team.

We are always here ready to help you. Our technical staff is available to answer your doubts.